Sunday, December 21, 2008

Art Brut vs. Salem

Dearest Internet

Well, they're back. Safe and relatively sound; each one back in their reasonably priced room, nursing frost bitten wounds and brooding over ill gotten memories. The past two weeks have seen the Brut in a whirlwind of snow, bar violence and ill advised facial hair whisking them from second album stalwarts to third album wannabes. The tracks are done, mixed and ready for inspection. Barnaby has a copy. The omens are good. With tracks such as Twist and Shout, Alcoholics Unanimous, Positively 5th Street, plus a song about how rubbish U2 sound, who could you go wrong? I can also assure, that seven and a half minutes of Mysterious Bruises is a musical odyssey to be chewed over like the sweetest of soot covered flesh twigs.

Their return was, however, a close run thing. It would appear the taxi services of Salem, OR. love their town in such a way, the thought of a single, unfortunate soul venturing outside the city limits during the winter is almost too much for them to bear. When the Brut awoke to a light covering of snow on the morning of Friday last they were surprised to learn, from the kind lady at Salem's limo service, that there was, in fact, no point in attempting the run to Portland's international airport as the flight would be canceled anyway. Thanks lady. I was not aware that your cab office was in fact a conduit through which all weather related travel information must travel. However, it was not a point she would willingly argue and no taxis of any kind were forthcoming. Thus, our gentlemen and ladies were kindly shuttled to the plane depot by intrepid engineer to the stars, Jason Carter. Surprisingly, instead of the arctic disaster zone described by Michelle Von No Taxi not one hour previously, our heroes were greeted by a highly functioning, cosmopolitan jet shack. It only goes to show, never underestimate the local half wit's fear of the snow and / or planes.

Here are some photos of Art Brut getting stuck in with Jesus' better looking cousin. Enjoy.

yours ravishingly

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Eddie 'post-infernal' Argos.

Ian 'taking one for the team' Catskilkin.

Mikey 'you should of seen the other guy' Breyer.

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