Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bass in your Space

Dearest Internet

I wish to report on worrying events recently conveyed to me from the newest Brut outpost buried in Salem, OR. Two nights ago in the p.m. the people of this lovely capital bore witness to a feet of popular entertainment never before seen this side of the Warsaw Pact. Three members of our traveling band descended on Salem's Space open mic night for a quiet drink and a hob nob with the local movers and shakers.

Amongst the gaggle of local talent emerged a performance of grandiose pomp and ceremony. With baton down 'rock the mic' Mike on vox pops and Ian 'Hands on Solo' Catskilkin on git box they embarked on a musical journey to the centre of the earth. Throwing the toys out of Weezer's back catalogue, the audience swooned as Catskilkin placed his newly moustachioed lips to the guitar mic in order to vocalise the complex Cuomo guitar solos and Mike crooning and manipulatng the stand like a pole vaulting Axl Rose. Then as quickly as they appeared, the duo faded into the night to cries of "Go on Flight of the Concords!" and several grunts of confusion.

And so, the Oregon oddyssey continues. Each day and night sees the Brut further ingratiate themselves with the local community; throwing down the tracks and building towards Saturday's monumental show in the very same Space. Be there, do that.

yours reportage

Barnaby Fudge

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Some photos from the show on Saturday night: