Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Storm is Brewing... We Best Hurry

Dearest Internet

I am delighted to inform the birth was without complication. Cigars for all. Gather round the incubator and admire the pink, wrinkled sack of guts; the latest, special edition welcomed into the Fudge fold. Congratulations! It's a blog. That's right. I have been granted yet another inter-platform from which to love unto you from a great height.

But why? Did I miss a meeting? Are you not satisfied with my amount of love, dearest Internet? Who is clammering for further Fudge? Well, no one. As far as I am aware my correspondence thus far have been largely ignored. Dearest Internet, I have yet to receive a single pen stroke in reply. However, I have been handed word from our benevolent masters above that a blog must be written to coincide with their latest musical outing. I will relay their Oregon trials and tribulations through my new, gaping portal.

So here it is. The beginning of the end. Art brut vs. Satan has begun and I will walk you, hand in digital hand, boldly towards its bloody conclusion. Accept no substitute.

yours parentally

Barnaby Fudge

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