Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Short Acknowledement

Dearest Internet

I would like to publish a short acknowledgment of Mr. Argos' apology posted recently on his blog apparent. The gentleman has my sincerest respect and I would not wish to provoke any ill feeling between us. However, darling Internet, although I understand your appetite is anything but meager I cannot forgive such an indiscretion. I consider myself truly cuckolded, my net based flower. My honour must be recaptured, my passion reflamed. Thus, I suggest a redoubling of the coordinated assault on your affections through this, my brand new text pit. The irony is not lost on me, my world wide pepper pot, that it was Argos himself whom thrust me onto this heady techno stage, my dear, it is not lost.

yours with fighting spirit

Barnaby Fudge

1 comment:

popboy said...

Dear Barnaby.
Your writing is admired in this distant outpost of the British Isles, unlike the ramshackle "avant garde" spelling and grammar of the boy idiot Argos.
Love love love.